YVES ANAIS, the brand that makes the connection between nature and people!

    YVES ANAIS addresses an elite niche that perceives the idea of fashion beyond trends or time-bound coordinates. The bags are born from the idea of statement accessories, timeless, versatile, able to take any outfit to a higher level, emphasizing the fluidity of a natural material, as precious as exotic wood.

    The YVES ANAIS concept

    In the foreground we discover the connection between man and nature through the unique association of the human personality with the complex beauty of wood. In a profound anology, YVES ANAIS creations identify the urban woman’s need to reconnect with nature and to mirror her own feminine destiny in the preciousness of these accessories that acquire brilliance and value with the passage of time. YVES ANAIS bags are unique accessories, touching with their simple beauty that highlights the natural wood grain every time.

    The story of wood "People's best friend"

    Intimate contact with a fruitful and generous nature allows the discovery and knowledge of a noble and precious material such as “wood”. It accompanies us throughout the life cycle and symbolises a bridge between heaven and earth, life and death, body and soul.


    YVES ANAIS proposes exclusive creations in walnut, the aristocrat of wood species, a symbol of wealth and prosperity, considered in Southern Europe a symbol of good luck. On a spiritual level, the walnut is the tree of creative wisdom. Connected to heaven and earth through its neural network-like branching, the walnut tree is energetically supportive, easy to shape, visually sensitive and imposing in structure. Its beautiful pattern, lustre and distinctive texture make walnut a suitable material for precious accessories.

    Mahogany is enhanced in YVES ANAIS creations by sublimating its reddish hue, with a slight purple tinge that darkens over time and displays an even more reddish glow when polished. Mahogany wood acquires beauty and finesse over time, once again underlining the superb wood-man analogy.

    Ash is another precious wood found in the YVES ANAIS collections. Considered “the tree of the world”, it has magical connotations and a special place in the plant hierarchy, where it dominates forests, growing seedily and imposingly. In Scandinavian mythology, Yggdrasil, the tree at the centre of the world, was an ash tree. It had its roots in Hell, and the tips of its branches reached to Paradise, and was considered the tree of rebirth and healing. For the Druids, it was the tree from whose wood the rulers’ scepters were carved.

    The YVES ANAIS collection is full of symbolism and the accessories become amulets of good luck, vital energies and complex messages. The bags give a special sophistication to outfits thanks to their clean, pure and sophisticated design.

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    Source: Luxury magazine, winter edit